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  • Micro Market Mapping
  • Demand and Supply Assessment
  • Competitor Mapping
  • Market Share Assessment
  • Go-to-Market Planning
  • Concept Validations and Product Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance Assessment

research firm in india
research firm in india

Relevant Case Studies

  • EMR product road mapping across primary and specialty care ecosystem
  • Healthcare market assessment to assess the healthcare delivery market
  • Study the Indian medical professional landscape
  • Launch of a news channel in South India with a digital first strategy followed by launch of a news channel
  • Market potential estimation for ceramic tile player for residential & Commercial buildings
  • Understanding the perception to the brand concept proposition by a life insurance provider
  • Qualitative and quantitative cost of health insurance claims in India
  • Digital maturity assessment in relation to user adoption and ROI of users of a store discovery platform
  • Empowering CSR arm of a FMCG company to identify viable solutions to combat COVID-19
  • Assessment of reefer truck market in India
  • Market potential assessment of non-food opportunities for 2W compatible deliveries and adjacency expansion
  • Improve customer / DSA / employee experience for leading HFC through an elaborate NPS study in BLR, JPR micromarkets
  • Feedback and UI/UX review of the online platform for traders, created by the client
  • Market sizing & target segment determination for an Indian RE player
  • Market potential of 2W rental services
  • An Indian hospitality player was interested in assessing the market potential for a multi-asset type property management software vendor (SaaS platform)
  • Market potential assessment for an industrial explosives manufacturer
  • Market potential estimation for H2-blocker for treatment of gastric ulcers
  • Market potential estimation of SaaS offering for SMEs
  • Market potential assessment for a metal fabrication aggregator
  • Sizing the market for FinTech subcategories
  • Potential market assessment for cross-border payments
  • Market assessment study of Indian e-commerce logistics
  • Market assessment for a radiology player
  • Market assessment for opportunities in supply chain financing in B2B commerce
  • Market potential assessment of AgriTech landscape in India
  • Market sizing and growth projection of MRO products
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