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Discover the transformative capabilities of 1Sense, a cutting-edge consumer insights platform tailored to drive your business success.
1Sense offers a comprehensive understanding of your target consumer through a blend of qualitative research and quantitative surveys. Evaluate where your consumers are on their journey with you, track how happy they are with your brand and with competition, find out what keeps them coming back and improve your market offerings based on real data and actionable insights.
With 1Sense, understand your customers better and grow your business.  Here’s our list of offerings:
  • B2C Quantitative Survey
  • B2C Qualitative research
  • Consumer segmentation and Personas
  • Consumer Journey Mapping
  • NPS tracking and benchmarking
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Analyses
  • Campaign Evaluation
  • UI / UX Testing
research firm in india
research firm in india

Relevant Case Studies

  • Understanding customer preferences regarding their tea consumption habits and choices among various tea chain outlets
  • Understand gelatin sponge buying behavior of hospitals
  • Mapping digital journey for Insurance player
  • Benchmarking of competitors in terms of services provided, pricing, and revenue
  • Consumer segregation and personas to map oncologist/medical staff and patient journeys to understand pain points and latent needs
  • Customer behavior assessment of tele-consultation users in metro and tier 1 cities
  • Evaluate patient NPS for a large national diagnostic chain in India
  • Healthcare consumer survey to assess unmet needs, pain points and spend
  • Development of marketing personas based on demographics, travel patterns, awareness, booking habits for a SEA-based online travel aggregator
  • Customer feedback and positioning of a D2C consumer durables company
  • Consumer preferences and price sensitivity analysis for building & home materials industry
  • Mapping out a survey and data analytics for the survey to understand the performance of a daily fantasy sports platform
  • Partner journey mapping for a leading hospitality tech brand
  • Quantitative research to understand influencer role in booking of vacation homes by customers
  • Quantitative survey to understand user satisfaction levels of a building materials player
  • Revenue acceleration and GTM diagnostics of leading cosmetics brand
  • Understanding customer / contractor experience and behavior while procuring home materials
  • Customer survey to understand the reason behind the rejection of a newly launched passenger vehicle model, and ways to mitigate the rejection and improve customer acceptance
  • Qualitative study for an PE client who wanted to study the MF space with key focus on newer and non-bank led AMCs
  • Online gold loans market potential and customer preferences
  • Neo-bank NPS benchmarking
  • Identifying key purchase criteria for MF platforms
  • Competitive benchmarking for wealth management companies
  • Competitive benchmarking for a general insurance player
  • Analyzing factors leading to customers drop-offs from website purchase for a leading private life insurer
  • Insurance Sales Tech – Competitive benchmarking
  • Quantitative survey to understand user satisfaction levels of an online retailer of electronics and large home appliances
  • Understanding credit card consumer usage trends, overall traditional card experience and gaps, and new age credit card experience and feedback
  • Understanding the usage and cross-sell potential of a credit card bill payment app
  • Understanding the banking needs and preferences of the customers availing vehicle loans
  • Quantitative research for a leading PE fund to understand banking needs of the customer (Primary, secondary and tertiary bank)
  • Conducted digital banking behavior research on millennials along with willingness to adopt a new product
  • Quantitative restaurant survey
  • Quantitative survey to understand customer perception and spend evaluation for a leading internet first food brand
  • Conducting a brand track for a textiles company
  • Customer behavior study and market potential of online meat market
  • Quantitative survey to understand NPS and reasons for variation among online personal care brands
  • Customer segmentation and behavior study for an online cosmetics brand
  • Customer behaviour research on modern and general trade retail
  • Understanding the brand perception for hospitals in North-West Delhi
  • GTM strategies for OPD subscription-based services
  • NPS study for an oil manufacturer
  • Consumer behavior and travel characteristic study for a leading bike taxi platform
  • Competitive benchmarking of players in the home improvement market
  • Customer NPS diagnostic of a cab aggregator
  • Customer sub-segmentation for insulin delivery devices
  • Preference and adoption of digital app for public transportation
  • Millennial digital banking behaviour research
  • Mapping online drug purchase process and estimating NPS for chronic disease patients
  • Understanding investor experience with different brokerage platforms
  • Rapid due diligence on an app-based two-wheeler rental player
  • Qualitative research on retention improvement for a major millennial housing player
  • Product feedback and 1Lattice recommendations on pricing and ideal engagement model for a post-PCI patient support solution
  • Market assessment of AI based construction start-up
  • Trucker survey for an online logistics platform
  • Student housing customer experience study
  • User survey for Conversational Messaging Platform
  • Estimating loyalty and causes for churn
  • Concept validation of medical supplies procurement software
  • AgriTech platform farmer behavior research
  • Assessing the overall effectiveness of systems and processes laid down by a medical device company for its channel partners
  • Benchmarking of key AgriTech players basis select parameters
  • Diagnostic research for platform facilitating exchange of tractors
  • Farmer research on usage and experience with AgriTech solutions platform and services
  • Customer purchase behavior and feedback survey for D2C consumer durables company
  • Customer sub-segmentation for a radiology player
  • Dairy consumer NPS study post marketing campaign
  • Track to gather feedback for a major online BPC player in the grooming market
  • Reducing the pre-delivery returns of a major B2C e-commerce players in India
  • Rapid due diligence of an AgriTech firm
  • NPS study for a large hospital for its various services
  • Multi-vitamin consumer research
  • Conducted consumer research to understand consumer segmentation of Ayurvedic supplements / nutraceuticals in India
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