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Med1Q by 1Lattice revolutionizes how healthcare professionals and organizations understand the surgical landscape in India.
With 95%+ coverage of private medium and large hospitals in the top 45 cities, it offers detailed information on beds, ICU capacities, and operating theaters. Med1Q dives deep into 13 major specialties and over 60 key surgeries, providing insights on surgeries, consumables, equipment, implants, costs, and five-year growth forecasts. Covering 95% of the private healthcare sector, it ensures a complete market view. With real-time, meticulously curated data, Med1Q offers unrivaled depth and expert insights, giving you a strategic advantage to understand market dynamics and identify growth opportunities. 
Powered by innovative technology, real-time data, and hard-to-source expertise, Med1Q equips healthcare professionals with the insights they need to excel in their field.
Key offerings:
  • Comprehensive mapping of 95%+ private medium and large hospitals in the top 45 cities
  • Specialty insights from 90%+ surgeries 
  • Surgical data and resources across 40,000 surgeons and 900,000 surgeries monthly
  • Five-year market growth projections
research firm in india
research firm in india

Relevant Case Studies

  • Mapping of 100+ bedded private hospitals in India 
  • Market overview, analysis and financial projections for an entry of Med-Tech Player in India
  • Understanding the healthcare infrastructure of medium & large hospitals in major 28 cities and their surgery volume
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