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Get deep channel insights through  B2BEdge, a powerful toolkit to understand and improve your relationship with your business intermediaries and partners.
Through surveys and research, we uncover what your channel partner wants, what's working with you and what's not. We analyze your market share, customer loyalty, true channel potential, and competitiveness of your business terms, giving you the edge that you need. With insights into sales productivity and retail performance, we help you make smarter decisions to grow your business.
Choose B2B Edge to unlock the secrets of your channels and boost your success. Here’s our list of offerings:
  • B2B Quantitative Survey
  • B2B Qualitative Research
  • NPS Health Check
  • Share of Wallet Analysis
  • Customer Retention Analysis
  • Account Potential Assessment
  • Contract Benchmarking
  • Sales Force Productivity
  • Retail Store Audits
  • Retail Measurement Service (RMS)
research firm in india
research firm in india

Relevant Case Studies

  • Customer behavior and equipment requirement for a leading oil and gas equipment manufacturer
  • Due Diligence of a B2B medical supplier to understand their procurement practices and potential across different product categories
  • Identify vendors for a large hospital chain for procurement of hospital supplies
  • Mapping digital journey for Insurance player
  • Mapping the process from purchase to payment for an Oil drilling equipment company
  • Opportunity analysis in supply chain financing for building & home materials
  • Quantitative survey to understand user satisfaction levels of a building materials player
  • Understanding customer / contractor experience and behavior while procuring home materials
  • Consumer preferences and price sensitivity analysis for building & home materials industry
  • B2B opportunities assessment in Indian apparel market
  • Credit risk assessment SaaS research
  • Understanding awareness levels, challenges in current systems & barriers of adoption of neo-banking and/or payment SaaS by non-customers (fintechs & merchants)
  • Working capital finance research– understanding awareness, perception, drivers of NPS and usage
  • Competitive benchmarking for wealth management companies
  • Competitive benchmarking for a general insurance player
  • Insurance Sales Tech – Competitive benchmarking
  • Understand customer needs and KPC to improve overall attractiveness of technology offering in CRM space
  • Digital maturity assessment of prospective customer group of a large financial software provider
  • Qualitative survey to understand buyer NPS and compare against competition for a global provider of networking solutions
  • Concept validation of medical supplies procurement software for hospitals / medical centers to effectively manage procurement needs
  • Benchmark service offerings provided by different technology companies in cloud
  • Assessment of reefer truck market in India
  • Understanding merchant preferences for loan-providing fintech institutions along with their terminal usage
  • Understanding the merchants and partners’ feedback for a payments software company
  • Improve customer / DSA / employee experience for leading HFC through an elaborate NPS study in BLR, JPR micromarkets
  • Understanding the banking needs and preferences of the customers availing vehicle loans
  • Mapping vendor onboarding process and parameterizing the vendor selection process for a dye manufacturer
  • Understand customer journey for a polymer manufacturing firm, specifying key pain points and improvement areas
  • Benchmarking price and margin of a dyes & pigments offered by vendor / distributor in the market
  • Concept validation of Human Resource Management System for corporates to meet their existing needs
  • Conducting a brand track for a textiles company
  • Customer behavior study and market potential of online meat market
  • India opportunities assessment for an international specialty chemicals player
  • Mapping the process of raw material replenishment in specialty chemicals manufacturing plant
  • Customer perceived value assessment and prioritization of vehicle features
  • Mapping the vendor onboarding process and parameterizing the vendor selection process for oil company
  • Customer research on content hooks (Diabetic patients) for a leading healthcare aggregator in India
  • Deep dive on supply chain of oil industry
  • NPS study for an oil manufacturer
  • Preference and adoption of digital process across supply chain participants
  • Qualitative research on retention improvement for a major millennial housing player
  • Pharmacovigilance for a NSAID
  • Preference and adoption of digital app for public transportation
  • Sub-broker preferences for online brokerage platforms
  • Supply side benchmarking and evaluation of 3PL logistics partners
  • Analysing process journey for a 3PL player
  • Mapping the vendor onboarding process and parameterizing the vendor selection process
  • Digital audit of a leading FMCG company
  • Identifying investment patterns of customers
  • Competitive benchmarking of players in the home improvement market
  • Digital maturity assessment of intra-city bus ecosystem in India
  • Due diligence on a small equipment manufacturer in the capital goods segment
  • Competitive benchmarking for an emerging B2B tech services provider
  • Concept validation for new product launch by digital lender
  • Customer NPS diagnostic of a cab aggregator
  • Infrastructure and surgical volume assessment
  • Impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce sector warehousing
  • Market assessment of AI based construction start-up
  • Trucker survey for an online logistics platform
  • Understanding customers of logistics platforms
  • Understanding feedback of Indian e-commerce logistics players
  • Concept validation of medical supplies procurement software
  • Competitive intelligence tracking of co-working players
  • Competitor intelligence study for a leading Logistics Tech player in India
  • Benchmarking of key AgriTech players basis select parameters
  • Assessing the overall effectiveness of systems and processes laid down by a medical device company for its channel partners
  • Diagnostic research for platform facilitating exchange of tractors
  • Digital journey and aggregator behaviour research for an exchange tractor platform
  • Understanding the supplier value proposition of social commerce platform
  • Vendor selection for a B2B medical supplier by understanding the procurement practices
  • Track to gather feedback for a major online BPC player in the grooming market
  • Rapid due diligence of an AgriTech firm
  • Reducing the pre-delivery returns of a major B2C e-commerce players in India
  • Market potential assessment of AgriTech landscape in India
  • Market sizing and growth projection of MRO products
  • Market assessment for a radiology player
  • Market assessment for opportunities in supply chain financing in B2B commerce
  • Mapping customer service expectations for a medical device company
  • Understanding penetration, recall and marketing activities of different pharma companies in C2-C6 markets
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market research agency in delhi

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