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Our flagship product, 1nsights consistently takes centre stage in our partnerships, helping us gather strategic and insightful knowledge across ever-evolving industries.
1nsights is a robust suite of data and tools that equips you to excel and outperform in your respective markets, understand the true market size and potential, nuances of its differentiated segments, competitive landscape, key industry trends, and growth drivers. We ensure that your product or service stands out in the competitive landscape and your strategies are rooted in market realities.
With 1nsights, you gain a significant advantage in navigating the complex and ever-changing market landscape. Here’s our list of offerings:
  • Market assessment
  • TAM/SAM estimation
  • Segmentation and consumer behavior
  • Adoption drivers and barriers
  • Market and technology trends
  • Competitive landscape
  • Regulatory landscape and government actions
  • Market entry assessment
  • New segment assessment
  • New geography assessment
  • M&A landscape Scan
  • B-plan validation

research firm in india
research firm in india

Relevant Case Studies

  • Competitive Benchmarking for a 4W Passenger Vehicle OEM
  • Understanding the market of BLDC fan players
  • Study the Indian medical professional landscape
  • Understand CT scan needs of established standalone diagnostic labs, government hospitals, large hospitals, medical institutes, small and medium hospitals, small standalone diagnostic lab
  • Orthopedic specific medical device manufacturer’s competitive benchmarking to understand offerings and identify opportunities
  • EMR product road mapping across primary and specialty care ecosystem
  • Launch of a news channel in South India with a digital first strategy followed by launch of a news channel
  • Market analysis of sleepwear and loungewear market in India
  • Market analysis of women’s intimate wear in India
  • B2B opportunities assessment in Indian apparel market
  • Opportunity analysis in supply chain financing for building & home materials
  • Market potential estimation for ceramic tile player for residential & Commercial buildings
  • Understanding customer / contractor experience and behavior while procuring home materials
  • Online gold loans market potential and customer preferences
  • Competitive intelligence tracking for a Fintech player offering personal loans
  • Evaluation of a Bond marketplace
  • Competitive benchmarking for wealth management companies
  • Competitive benchmarking for a general insurance player
  • Commercial due diligence for eating-out platform? including NPS diagnostics on various platforms
  • Empowering CSR arm of a FMCG company to identify viable solutions to combat COVID-19
  • Assessment of reefer truck market in India
  • Competitive intelligence to understand product and merchant strategies in the payment gateway space
  • Indian digital payments industry deep dive and evolution thesis for a leading payment gateway service provider
  • Benchmarking competitors in the Indian Banking industry
  • Market sizing & target segment determination for an Indian RE player
  • Market potential of 2W rental services
  • Market potential assessment for an industrial explosives manufacturer
  • Mapping vendor onboarding process and parameterizing the vendor selection process for a dye manufacturer
  • Benchmarking price and margin of a dyes & pigments offered by vendor / distributor in the market
  • India opportunities assessment for an international specialty chemicals player
  • Mapping the process of raw material replenishment in specialty chemicals manufacturing plant
  • Assessing ESG compliance and performance for an impact investing fund’s portfolio companies
  • Enabling a philanthropic fund house to improve farming outcomes for marginalized farmers
  • Deep dive on supply chain of oil industry
  • Process mapping across bike-based platforms
  • Rapid due diligence on an app-based two-wheeler rental player
  • Market potential assessment for a metal fabrication aggregator
  • Market potential estimation for H2-blocker for treatment of gastric ulcers
  • Due diligence on a small equipment manufacturer in the capital goods segment
  • Customer NPS diagnostic of a cab aggregator
  • Analysing process journey for a 3PL player
  • International Opportunities assessment in EPC for Coal and Gas based projects
  • Mapping thinking process for taking online gold loan
  • Market assessment and overall outlook for a mid-segment DR
  • Entry of Med-Tech Player (neurosurgery consumables) in India
  • Infrastructure and surgical volume assessment
  • Gelatin sponge competitive benchmarking
  • Haemostatic agents market overview
  • Market analysis of home healthcare, home ICU and e-ICU in metro cities
  • Market landscape, competitive landscape of POC diagnostics and identifying promising companies in India
  • Market assessment study of Indian e-commerce logistics
  • Impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce sector warehousing
  • DeepTech sector scan
  • Competitive benchmarking for a tele-medicine provider
  • Market assessment for opportunities in supply chain financing in B2B commerce
  • Market potential assessment of AgriTech landscape in India
  • Molecule wise growth projections for an Indian ophthalmology player
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