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21 Sep 2021

With close to 1,000 D2C brands born last year, how Smytten is using sampling to ensure better adoption

With the growth of the D2C ecosystem, and the emergence of newer products in the market, many D2C brands are looking at sampling to understand what the consumers want. This, according to Smytten, will help them grow.
When it comes to trying out new brands and products, 32-year-old marketing executive Shilpa S is an expert. Her virtual shopping carts are packed with new brands and samples of new products. 
“These brands give me the best in shades and colours, and by sampling the newer products, I also get an option to see if I want them or not, or whether they suit me,” Shilpa tells YourStory. 
Shilpa is one of the many young millennials who prefer shopping online and are open to trying out new brands. She is also one of the many who end up sampling close to five million new products from emerging D2C brands. 
A report by Avendus Capital on D2C brands in India stated that the addressable market size for this industry would be $100 billion by 2025. Another report by PGA Labs and Knowledge Capital suggested that investors had put in $1.4 billion into D2C companies between 2014 and 2020. The sector saw an investment of close to $417 million in 2020. 

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