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05 Jun 2023

Green Hydrogen POV


Green hydrogen, produced through renewable resources such as solar and wind holds significant promise in meeting the world’s future energy demands. The global green hydrogen market is predicted to develop as people become more aware of the benefits of using hydrogen as an energy carrier. Furthermore, the industry is being driven by an increase in environmental concerns, emphasizing the need for clean energy generation to reduce emissions. In this report, we have intended to provide insights into the green hydrogen sector of India

The report covers the following points -

  • Economics of green hydrogen in India currently face challenges due to high underlying costs and varying availability of renewable energy sources.
  • Indian companies such as RIL, NTPC, GAIL, BPCL, and L&T are taking a leading role in the green hydrogen revolution.
  • These companies are involved in storage of hydrogen and manufacturing electrolyzers required for hydrogen production.
  • Green hydrogen has significant potential demand in sectors including crude oil refining, transportation, power generation, ammonia production, methanol production, and steel manufacturing in India.
  • This report aims to provide an overall perspective on the market for green hydrogen in India to various industry stakeholders, including business leaders


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