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30 Sep 2022

Oncology segment - MedTech & HealthTech play to improve outcome


At ~6% cancer has been reported as the 3rd largest cause of mortality in India after cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Although the cancer incidence rate per million population is relatively smaller in India as compared to the developed countries like the USA & the UK, it might not present an accurate picture with limited access to diagnosis and treatment for the majority of the population.

The primary cause of this is that almost 90% of comprehensive cancer treatment centers are in major cities, while ~70% of the population is in rural areas. The other major issue - limited access to screening and diagnosis - is primarily because of the low penetration of diagnostic imaging equipment like CT, MRI, Mammography, PET CT, etc. Due to this, more than 50% of patients are diagnosed at a relatively advanced stage, with a 5-year survival rate ranging between a mere 10% to 27%.In this report, we have investigated the current status of cancers in men and women (oral and lung in men, breast and cervix in women), with an emphasis on screening, diagnosis, and treatment stages.


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