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08 Aug 2021

When will the Indian EdTech, valued at $ 30 billion, truly benefit my students?

I am so impressed as an educator that I see a huge boom in EdTech investment worldwide, with $11 billion invested in 2020, four times in 2019. According to a report by PGA Labs and the Indian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, Indian EdTech startups received $2.2 billion in investments in 2020, up from $553 million in 2019. Among the 90 Edtech players, 61 had seed funding.
According to transaction advisory firm RBSA Advisors, the Indian education technology industry will reach a market size of $ 30 billion in ten years. From a base of 2019, online education offerings for classes 1 to 12 are expected to grow 6.3 times by 2022, while the post-k-12 market is expected to grow 3.7 times to $ 1.8 billion.

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