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03 Nov 2020

How can Indian states revive the tourism sector?


The travel and tourism industry, which depends heavily on physical travel, is facing one of the severest hardships in recent times. However, with the ease of lock-down restrictions, different countries/regions are experiencing different recovery curves. We have identified six actions Indian states/UTs can take to revive tourism and foster positive tourist sentiment.

In this blog, we have shared six steps to revive the travel and tourism sector in India and know how technology is playing an enabling role in public health during travel.

In line with the Government’s ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ campaign, here are six key steps states can take to revive travel and tourism:

  1. Leverage intra-state travel
  2. Focus on non-air-based travel (solo-trips and self-drive travel)
  3. Push ‘long-term stays’
  4. 'Drive demand towards scenic and picturesque locations
  5. Overhaul digital infrastructure
  6. ‘Revenge travel’ to ‘responsible travel’

States need to leverage integrated technological solutions to effectively manage public health and promote tourism-related activities. Public health management tools such as Aarogya Setu, automated ticketing kiosks and vending machines, and crowd management technologies are some of the solutions states must deploy to ensure health tourism in the COVID-19 era.

Authored by

Lokesh Bohra, Practice Leader, Sustainability and Impact Advisory

Sushman Das, Practice Member, Sustainability and Impact Advisory

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