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27 Jun 2022

Analysis of recent study on breast cancer


Breast cancers are the most prevalent cancers in India. They are the leading causes of death. Two major reasons that are associated with breast cancer are BRCA1 and BRCA2. Furthermore, in India about 40% cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women <35 years of age. According to National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP’s) report the number of breast cancer cases are likely to increase by nearly 20% from 2020 to 2025.

India along with United States and China collectively accounts for almost one third of the global breast cancer burden. Asia has 44% of the world’s breast cancer deaths. Approximately 25% of the female cancer cases in India are breast cancer. The mortality-to-incidence ratio is found to reach 0.66 in rural registries and 0.08 in urban registries.

The ICMR/WHO national breast cancer management protocols are at a primitive stage. India has a low breast cancer survival rate of 66%. The quality of breast cancer treatment depends on various factors like the patient’s outlook, residential areas, spend on the treatment, etc but a large proportion of patients are treated with inadequate/inappropriate initial surgery.

The survival rates of breast cancer in India are low because detection takes place late. Cancer survival becomes more difficult in higher stages of its growth. Breast cancer is a treatable disease and chances of survival are high if it’s detected in time. Early diagnosis, thus, is imperative.