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11 Dec 2020

Stats, trends across different levels of education in India


In the NEP 2020, the Government of India and network institutes have brought in much-needed and well thought-through reforms in the existing education system. 

With the introduction of NEP 2020, the focus will be on a healthy pupil-teacher ratio to ensure that educational opportunities are available to students in all segments of society.

In this blog, we have covered trends across different levels of education in:
  • Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) 
  • Pupil-Teacher Ratio (PTR)
  • Gender Parity Index (GPI)

  • The emphasis of the Delhi Government on the importance of education has resulted in a high Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of Delhi - across all 4 levels of education 
  • The decrease in the GER of Bihar and Assam from the primary to the senior secondary level of education is because of an increasing dropout rate in these states
  • While the GER for the upper-primary level and above is higher than the national average, the state government needs to boost initiatives to increase student enrolment in primary schools

  • The Pupil-Teacher Ratio (PTR) of India has reduced from 35.21 in 2016 to 27.7 in 2019
  • Recognizing the need for individual learning through increased teacher attention, the USA has actively promoted a low PTR in schools, resulting in a constant PTR improvement every year
  • While the PTR of most nations has improved from 2016-2020, we see an increase in PTR for Russia from 20.61 in 2016 to 22.51 in 2020 due to a surge in the number of students

  • Bihar, Assam, and Delhi have been successful in achieving a Gender Parity Index (GPI) higher than the national average across all 4 levels of education which indicates focused effort to maintain female enrolment in the state
  • The national average GPI continuously falls from the elementary to the higher levels of education due to the increased dropout rate of female students after 8thstandard

Authored by

Lokesh Bohra, Practice Leader, Sustainability and Impact Advisory

Sushman Das, Practice Member, Sustainability and Impact Advisory

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